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Intelli-Sizer™ Size Press

Intelli-Sizer  Size Press

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Intelli-Jet V® Hydraulic Headbox

Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox is the first key component of the Intelli-Technology® Platform dedicated to paper and packaging grades production. The headbox is often considered as a paper machine heart because its performance influences final paper product parameters. Therefore PMP engineers put an effort to develop hydraulic unit's construction design and adopted modern manufacturing machining techniques in order to achieve high quality product.

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Intelli-Top® Former

Intelli-Top® former is a one of the key component of the Intelli-Technology® Platform. Located on the fourdrinier, it enables to dewater in an upward direction. The main aim of implementation of the unit is to improve paper web's two-sidedness evenness. Installation of Intelli-Top® enables to achieve a higher dewatering capabilities in the wire section.

The former can be placed closed the headbox. Nonetheless, its position is determined by the percentage of the sheet consistency.

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The primary benefits of Intelli-Press® are to maximize the amount of water removed from the sheet while optimizing machine efficiency and product quality

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Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press

Recently PMP has put a great effort into developing the Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press

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PMP Intelli-Technology® has been extended with new solutions within the drying section: Intelli-Hood™ as well as Steam and Condensate systems.

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Intelli-MicroCrepe™ Extensible Unit

The extensible unit is installed in paper machine dryer section where the dryness of the paper web is within 60-65% range. The wet and plastic paper passes through the nip between running rubber blanket and rotating drying cylinder.

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In de droog section wordt het water verwijderd van het papier door middel van verdamping door toevoeging van hete energie.

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Intelli-Reel® is ontworpen voor het leveren van een stabiel en veilige draaiend proces.

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