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With an increasingly demanding market, the quality control system (QCS) is a base equipment to  maintain the standards of production.

FOMAT offers a flexible, customizable and highly reliable system featuring low maintenance costs.

Our system also provides the possibility to  log-in and remote assistance.

Our systems can be equipped with conventional sensors or with infrared sensor capable of reading basis weight and moisture, thus avoiding the use of radioactive sources.

Our infrared sensor has a self-calibration system, which avoids the high costs of scheduled annual maintenance

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The basis weight valve is necessary to control with accuracy the paper basis weight, thus  ensuring a constant profile in the machine direction. 

The basis weight control valve is an essential part to secure a constant machine direction (MD) profile.

FOMAT basis weight control valve was designed in order to guarantee a high precision degree and a resolution of 10.000:1 - independent of the actuation time.

Some of the features of our equipment are the prevention of plugging risk, the removal of mechanical backlash and a linear relation between the valve opening and the flow.

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Due to the high consumption and waste of compressed air of all the electropneumatic positioners installed in a paper mill, Fomat has developed a special and innovative product. Its main feature is the interruption of air consumption once the set point has been reached: this allows the saving of a high percentage of compressed air.

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